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How we work

At Ray White Grange we offer the following:

    • Advertise the property in the ‘Advertiser (if requested), the internet (offering 24 hour viewing),,,, and window display at our two offices giving 24 hour viewing. Extra—we also offer property upgrades on the internet giving your property top viewing at an extra cost.
    • Show prospective tenants through the property at a time convenient to them.
    • It is our aim to secure the best applicant for your property.  Once a prospective tenant views the property they then fill out our four page application form.  The application is thoroughly checked by way of contacting previous rental history, employment, character references and a one hundred point identification check (passport, bank history, rental payments, photo id and birth certificate) is done.
    • Prestige property—relocation companies are notified, along with a selected group of  companies.
    • Owners contacted regarding prospective applicant(s) offering our thoughts to the owner, where necessary, and then the final decision is made by you.
    • Tenants are notified that they have been successful and are required to bring in or transfer the first two weeks rent to secure property and a time is organised for a sign up.
    • Complete a detailed property condition report, inventory (if required) and photos (between 150—500) which records the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy and is referred to when carrying out quarterly and final inspections.
    • Tenants come in to sign agreements, collect keys, rent card or direct debit details and condition report, which is checked by the tenant(s), signed and sent back to our office within seven days. Collect security bond and explain the conditions and expectations of the tenancy which takes approximately half an hour and any questions are covered. Copy sent to owner.
    • Carry out regular quarterly inspections on the property. Send a written report and contact the owner if urgent maintenance issues are required.  If a tenant does not have the property     maintained to our expectations a note is left or a second inspection is carried out within two weeks (giving the tenant time to complete what is required).
    • Provide fortnightly or monthly payments to owners (depending on package chosen) into account.  Pay any accounts, (maintenance etc.) and send a monthly statement plus an end of year financial statement.
    • Upon vacating a thorough final inspection is completed, the bond is subsequently refunded to the tenant once we are fully satisfied with the property.