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Not only a familiar face within SA’s thriving real estate scene, but also a born and bred local of
Adelaide’s sun-loving Seaton, Peter Balales is a well-known figure be it running bustling weekend open inspections, supporting grassroots communities or simply enjoying this seaside stretch he calls home.

Making his start in this highly competitive industry in 2014, Peter now enters a coveted category of agents able to bring remarkable market experience to his clients that also engages valuable advice about when to sell or hold, where to invest and how to align your sights long-term.

The quality and depth of Peter’s real estate knowledge is underpinned by degrees in both Marketing and Management that enable him to merge effective strategies as seasons, and market conditions, change. This unique vantage, along with strong European roots to always be warm, friendly and honest, sets a well-known and likeable tone with Peter’s clients.

“Underlying every open, every meeting, and every conversation is the opportunity to bring people and property together,” he says. “The home is where people often begin major life journeys, and if I can help start that path on the right foot then I’ve done my job.”

Specialising in Seaton as well as its sought-after neighbours; Peter Balales brings the best to the west.


  • 2022/2023 - Premier Performer
  • 2021/2022 - Premier Performer
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