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Hannah Pietsch

Social Media and Marketing Manager

In the modern business world where social media is a must-have, Hannah Pietsch translates the often bland or black and white into a dynamic and colourful language that speaks to a wider audience.

Hannah is a creative problem-solver and fastidious planner whose social media focus is geared towards connecting dots to drive engagement in ways businesses and people can’t see. Eager to be challenged or do the challenging — Hannah continually pushes the boundaries in an effort to stay ahead of the curve of what’s new, on trend or where the audience is looking next.

“I am driven to think big and never set small goals,” she says. “No goal is ever too big to achieve.”

This ambitiousness is paired with an understated confidence and energy to not just shoot for the stars but with the expectation of landing somewhere close to them. Poised with a love to think outside of the box, there’s nothing Hannah dislikes more than following the crowd when it comes to social media.

Firmly believing in the importance of maintaining a diverse professional network and not relying on the same people or systems reflects Hannah’s ethos that everyone in this world has something to offer and are valuable in their own right.

Such an open and broad-minded approach to life and work is what provides a constant source of growth and inspiration. With an incredible self-motivating attitude and work ethic — Hannah Pietsch brings invaluable experience to Ray White Norwood where her background in social media and marketing includes advertising campaigns for, Facebook and Instagram ads, promoting agent and influencer brand, as well as working with the government, enabling her to see through a multifaceted lens of creativity and professionalism.

In a fast-moving digital environment, Hannah seamlessly communicates business needs from one medium to another never leaving her clients or colleagues behind, while always balancing the delicate relationship of idea to concept and finally to launch with outstanding results.