Sell with Confidence
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No stranger to building business relationships, networking and putting his best foot forward each and every time, Ganeev Bains is a stalwart of client-focused entrepreneurship. With a background in business and hospitality management, marketing as well as a successful restaurateur for over a decade launching businesses both here and overseas, Ganeev has incredible knowledge and experience in understanding people, a product and how to marry the two.

Relocating from fast-paced, vibrant Melbourne and turning his attention to the thriving real estate industry here in Adelaide, Ganeev has been building his name, business and multi-cultural network with non-stop success. Drawing on his trilingual communication skills, exceptional work ethic, and successful insight regarding market trends, ventures and opportunities, he has developed a flourishing reputation.

A common thread amongst agents is to exceed client expectations whether they’re a buyer or seller, and Ganeev is no different here. However, there’s a unique motivation woven with Ganeev’s professional purpose, which is “a desire to help and contribute to the real estate industry as a whole that sees its standards, image and reputation elevated,” he says.

Well accustomed to cultural diversity, Ganeev is exceedingly comfortable working with people from a variety of backgrounds, building confidence and trust quickly and easily. Importantly, this welcome warmth and gentleness is balanced with a behind-the-scenes dedication and persistence to push for the absolute best for his clients, leaving no stone unturned in achieving outcomes that keep people coming back time and again.