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Well-travelled and with a wealth of experience working in both customer-facing and team-orientated roles, Bianca’s enthusiastic sociability is matched by an insatiable work ethic and self-determination. With previous positions in administration, production and sales support, as well as a sojourn in hospitality on Hamilton Island to an international audience – engaging with people from all walks of life
has become second nature to Bianca.

Entering the workforce at the age of fourteen and working all through her schooling years has imbued Bianca with the constant familiarity that to succeed means putting in the effort day in and day out, and without that commitment, personal growth and career development can’t happen.

Driven by an internal satisfaction to reach professional goals, continuously test her strength and skills, and find purpose in the everyday, Bianca says “I love to do my best, and I love to exceed expectations.”

A simple philosophy that underpins Bianca’s personal and professional interactions, embarking on a career in real estate where open honesty and trust are the essence of this industry bodes well for an individual who lives and breathes putting people, and clients, first and foremost.

Joining the rapidly expanding Ray White Grange team, Bianca plans on being a bright and bubbly addition to Adelaide’s premier seaside locales, and where she can make an important first impression last long into the future.

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