Real estate agents tell of spooky incidents at house sales

spooky house sales

ADELAIDE psychics say home-owners are using their services to help sell their homes and demand for house cleansings from new home buyers is also on the rise.


The Sunday Mail revealed on the weekend that Adelaide buyers and sellers are increasingly looking for some spiritual intervention.

Messenger Property Writer Kasia Ozog asked some agents if they had any experiences of spooky or superstitious happenings around sales. This is what they had to say:

Taryn Ewens, of Ray White Grange:

“We had a new trainee agent a couple of years ago go out and do one of his first rental opens.

He opened up the house but nobody came through.

Wasting time until the open finished, he was wandering around the house having a look around.

When he stepped out into the backyard he heard the front door open and close and someone walk in. Excited to have someone come through he rushed back to the front to find not a single person around. Then he heard a door slam at the back of the house.

At the end of the open, he went to lock up all the doors, and went into a bedroom to check the window was closed as he reached the window the bedroom door slammed shut with force.

Needless to say, he wasn’t keen to do any more opens.

(Agent) Paula Berno also just told me of another rental they managed years ago that had an attic with a window.

The house had a very creepy feel about it and every time one of the staff did an open inspection they would hear someone walking down the attic stairs, despite being the only ones in the house.

It got to the point that some of the girls in the office were so scared to enter the house that they would sit in their cars out the front and only open it up if people came by to see the property. But, even sitting out the front, they could see the window and a figure behind looking out at them. Scary.”

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